The Philosophy of Language For High Impact Communication and How to Be Coached to Ultimate Success

By Andre Zizi Two most important traditions have empowered the study of language in their separate and very different ways; however, the two topics of the study of language are hotly debated by linguists like the sort of synthesis of philosophical grammar and structural linguistics begins to develop. The two most important traditions of study […]

“What is a Game” He Asked

By Lance Winslow Recently, in reading the book; “This is Your Brain On Music,” by Daniel J. Levin, the author was discussing how humans commit things to memory based on their perceptions of the world from their many observations and experiences. In putting forth his well-founded argument on page; 141 where he talks of philosopher […]

Language Games – Blue vs Brown

By David M. Price Here’s one I like from the Blue Book: “I shall in the future again and again draw your attention to what I shall call language games. These are ways of using signs simpler than those in which we use the signs of our highly complicated everyday language. Language games are the […]