At the beginning there is, always, an individual

By Koala.

At the beginning there is, always, an individual. If you approach an individual separately from the world, from other individuals, it becomes a single phenomenon, in a matter of fact devoid of meaning, suspended in the universe, still, between parenthesis of birth and death. Whoever would like to understand an individual, however, should distinguish between two aspects: physical, associated with nature, subject to natural laws considered by science and (let’s call it symbolically, in accordance with the customs of my culture) spiritual. Which one is “signifier” and which “signified”? What is the relationship between these aspects, which one has a greater effect, which prevails? For me it does not, at least at this point, matter (as in a coin both recto and verso are necessary), as I find the value in this particular universe formed between the spiritual realities of individuals; throughout the maze of dependences, subordination, alienation; in everything that in a rather approximate way we perceive as human (cultural, ethical, etc.). I’m here to write about this universe so, trying to keep my writing the most understandable (especially for me, but also for anyone who finds patience and will read my texts). They are about some important concepts forming part of my being a human as (though) any other human creature because understanding these concepts means to liberate from fears, discomfort, lies that disturb us, falsify the relationship between us and – sometimes – destroy us. Essential here is to be free, I feel it inside within the actual pain, this being free. Or, rather, my will to be free because we become free in a a lifelong process during the crystallization of individual consciousness. Being free is mine, it is strictly personal. The thought of it has gone in me in its own way for many years, becoming brighter and more precise, assisted by internal and external events. Now the biggest problem is the ability to wear it in words, to imprison it, so it could serve others.