Ortega y Gasset


Freedom beyond life

By Koala. There is, therefore, no freedom beyond life. There is, only, a world in which I am, being simultaneously this world. In a billion of separate entities, there are billions of separate worlds with different experiences and, at the same time, such a world is united as one nature, the same … [Read More...]

Am I, really, free?

By Koala. So, we have: "I am free" (I act freely). You have to learn how to identify from whom to be free, from what, why. You have to learn to describe a compound in which "I am free" finds its justification. Besides, it has the same value as, let’s say, "I'm just (I act fairly)". Next it became … [Read More...]

At the beginning there is, always, an individual

By Koala. At the beginning there is, always, an individual. If you approach an individual separately from the world, from other individuals, it becomes a single phenomenon, in a matter of fact devoid of meaning, suspended in the universe, still, between parenthesis of birth and death. Whoever … [Read More...]




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